ALDI’s Return Policy

ALDI return policy guarantees that you receive a timely response form us and great customer service satisfaction. The majority of ALDI exclusive brands are covered by their Twice as Nice Guarantee. This just means that they will replace your product and refund you the money spent on that product. You are allowed to bring the package and any unused portion of the product with the receipt of purchase. Just take t to a local ALDI store where their customer service representative will gladly help you. The promise is a refund and the product replaced. However the Twice as Nice Guarantee doesn’t apply to any non-food ALDI Find item, alcohol or national brand products. You are guaranteed great customer service with ALDI store return policy.


ALDI’s Return Policy Without Receipt

If you bring an item back without a receipt, your refund will be in the form of an ALDI Merchandise Credit gift card. No original payment refunds will be granted without the original receipt of purchase. That is the Aldis return policy no receipt principle and is not subject to change.


ALDI Return Policy Food

You are allowed to return food, but it must be in the original package. You should have the receipt of purchase and you will be covered by ALDI’s Twice as Nice Guarantee which is only applicable to food items that are ALDI branded. If the quality is proven to be the fault of another outside of ALDI, nor non-quality related issues.


ALDI’s Return Policy USA

The policy of returns for any product in the U.S.A. is the same. ALDI offers it Twice as Nice Guarantee through all its US stores. Just bring the unused portion and you will be refunded and item replaced. Items such as alcohol will not be replaced or refunded as its against State law. This all part of the ALDI US return policy.


ALDI Refund Policy

Most items can be returned and refunded except for alcohol and non ALDI items or national brands. ALDI believes that their products are of the highest standard, so the have a Twice as Nice Guarantee for all their own branded products. National brands are covered by manufacturer’s warranty, ALDI takes no responsibility in such matters. Some brands that are exclusively sold by ALDI are also under the manufacturer’s warranty. Any receipt for non food items will be honored within 90 days of original date of purchase. All items must be returned in original packaging state, with all content available.


ALDI’s Exchange Policy

ALDI accepts any product that is returned if it has the original package and the receipt for the item. Just bring the item to the ALDI store manager you will be given a refund of the price you paid for the product and a replacement as well. Some products can be returned if unopened within 14 days of purchase. These include Software or DVD products and similar items with proof of purchase.


ALDI’s Return Policy With Receipt

Having your receipt with you for any purchase you made is in your favor. Having your proof of purchase cuts the hassle on having your item replaced or getting a refund. Plus however your payment was made is the same way you will be refunded. It pays to have your receipt handy and ready to show.


ALDI TV Return Policy

ALDI will replace or refund any Brauhn television that you purchase within 60 days of buying. You must have proof of purchase in form of originally and original packaging id preferred. ALDI will replace any TV that fails to live up to their high standard or give a refund if you prefer.


ALDI Return Policy Alcohol

Due to the nature of the laws of the State, ALDI can’t refund or replace any alcoholic beverages. It is against company policy to do so and no such return will be acknowledged.


Return Policy Can Vary By Region

When it comes to America all stores offer the same policy , but when it comes to other regions the policy varies.

For the UK, you can visit ALDI’s website shown below and see the options for your returns. You can use Royal Mail, CollectPlus, Hermes, visit an ALDI store or call ALDI to see if they will pick up your item.
Click here for more about ALDI UK return policy.


ALDI Delivers

You can have your groceries delivered by ALDI Instacart. You can either have your items delivered or pick them up yourself. Just visit ALDI’s Instacart portal to shop and save on great prices and the convenience of delivery. Click here to find out more about ALDI’s Instacart.


ALDImobile Starter Pack

ALDI offers their mobile service joining a long list of service providers in the country. Once you activate you ALDImobile SIM, you can start using their service to make calls, text and use data. Visit here  to activate your sim. To use overseas just apply roaming and roaming charges will apply.



You can download the ALDI mobile app and use many features. You will find updates about ALDI Finds, low prices, new products, store locator and much more.

For iPhone go here
For Google Play go here


Product Guarantees

ALDI guarantees that their products contain no MSG, hydrogenated oils nor certified synthetic colors. ALDI promises to put its customers first and offer the best customer service possible. They also look into the latest trends , so they can give good prices and great products. ALDI promises to offer much more than just food, giving its customers a great shopping experience. ALDI has received over 400 awards for its products and services. They seek to be a healthy place to shop, taking your heart to heart.

ALDI also has a special savers program called ALDI SAVERS. Just search for the banner when ever you visit an ALDI store. Twice as Nice Guarantee is one of the best if not the best return policy you will ever find in a supermarket chain. ALDI boasts thousands of taste tester for their products and est them repeatedly for quality assurance.


ALDI Smart Kids

ALDI gives back to the community by supporting the in the local areas around their store’s locations. The ALDI Smart Kids program donates to programs that include athletic, education, arts and other worthwhile venture.

If you think that there is a program you believe that ALDI will sponsor then visit here and submit your request.

You can also see the guidelines here

Here you can see frequently asked questions about the program.


ALDI Branding

ALDI originated in Germany and is owned by two families. The brand has over 10,000 stores in 20 countries. The company was started by Theo and Karl Albrecht in the year 1946, It is said that they took over their mother’s store and the rest is history. The brand is considered a discount supermarket chain and has its headquarters in Essen, Germany.

The brand was once two separate entities with one called ALDI Nord and the other ALDI Süd. ALDI Nord was in Essen and ALDI in Süd in Mülheim.

The company’s official name is Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Compagnie, oHG. It still remains two separate brands with ties for certain brands you can find in store. ALDI Nord has 2,500 stores in north, west and eastern parts of Germany. On the other hand, ALDI Süd has 1,600 stores in the south and western part of Germany.

ALDI Nord has business in countries such as Poland, Portugal, Denmark, Spain, France and the Benelux countries. ALDI Süd operate in countries such as Great Britain, China, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Both parties have businesses in the United States of America.

The ALDI brand has two separate logos and unless you are looking for it you may miss the difference. Both families use the same name but have branded their logos differently so as to show the separation. Despite going separate ways in Germany and most of Europe, they both share the American market with over 1,900 stores nationwide. In total they have a combined 11,234 locations and a estimated revenue of €53 billion plus.


When Did ALDI Arrive In The US?

ALDI first made its presence felt in the U.S.A. when it opened its first store in Iowa back in 1976. Three years later it bought what was then Trader’s Joe and from there began its rapid increase of locations. It is believed that ALDI was able to expand rapidly because of the changes in Germany at the time, when the two governing bodies became one country with the fall of the Berlin wall. All Trader Joe’s stores are owned by ALDI.

It is reported that ALDI has stores in over 36 American states and employs more than 25,000 individuals. The headquarters in the United States of America is located in Batavia, Illinois.


What Makes ALDI So Successful?

ALDI success is based on building smaller supermarkets or renting smaller buildings which keeps building and renting costs down to minimum. Another strategy that ALDI practices which works well for them is avoiding big brands which are more expensive. They go for smaller brand names which can be sold much cheaper and still be of good quality. The only disadvantage with such a practice is a smaller selection of products.


ALDI’s Contact Information

ALDI U.S.A. can be reached at: (800) 325-7894, ALDI however doesn’t have a regular phone number, but the above number is associated with the company.

You can also email  them.

ALDI also has a Speak and listen at mobile number 1300 555 727

ALDI UK can be reached at: 0800 042 0800

For ALDI UK customer service click here.


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