eBay Return Policy

eBay return policy advises all its customers to thoroughly review the seller’s position on returning a product to them. Your should check out all possible technicalities before buying any product. If the item you received is not what you ordered you have 30 days to submit a request or dispute from the earliest date of delivery. You can do so using the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

Their website guarantees that their sellers offer a very reliable and generous policies for any returns and refunds. This is very important since shopping online can be a big hassle when an item purchased doesn’t meet the requirements to what was ordered and paid for. There have been thousands of situations where persons bought items got either the wrong thing or it didn’t work and had many issues getting refunds or even a replacement. This has the ability to turn off prospective buyers so any company that wants to be known for great service should consider honoring the policies they implement.



Some of the frequently asked questions by buyers can vary but let us review a few of them to see if they can help the customer have a better buying experience and the seller improve on his product and service. Everyday customers and potential sale persons have many questions related to buying and sometimes selling. To make it easier for anyone to understand the process a frequently asked question portion has been created, you can also visit eBay’s policy page for even more questions and answers if these don’t cater to your needs. To learn more about, click here for returns.


1. Can I return An Item I No Longer Want?

Yes you can return the item but it must be returned in the condition it was received. Another important factor is the position of the seller, there can also be a restocking and return shipping fee. No items that aren’t in the same condition you receive it will be honored, sellers aren’t bound to replace or reimburse if the product has changed status. Also remember that it takes time for any item that is sent back to seller to arrive. This must betaken into consideration when returning any package because of defects, wrong item or in this case you have changed your mind.


2. How To Return Item?

You will need to have an account with eBay in order to return an item. Go to click return item and start the process from there. There is a form you must fill out that will require information about by you want to send back the product to the seller and you will be shown an estimated refund amount. That refund could eventually be the final amount received once any return items are deemed acceptable by seller and is in good standing with all of the standards set out by the company.

Click For Return Item

The seller is required to send you a shipping label which you are to use when packing and shipping the item back. Use an eBay label that includes tracking just in case, you can also add the carrier’s tracking information. To speed up the process and be sure your package arrives quickly and safely, the before mention procedure is the best way to do it. It is in your best interest to use the official label as it makes everything easily recognizable and is sure to reach it destination.

You can track the shipment and have discussions with the seller so both of you are on the same page about any monies involved. The seller is required to refund you the amount designated with in six business days after he receives the package you sent. If possible be sure tracking is set up for your return as that is a good way to keep track of he package as it makes its way to its final destination.


3. Who Pays To Ship Product?

You should check the seller’s policy on returns and refunds including any shipping fees. If you purchase anything it means that you agree to the policy of the seller. However there are times that the seller could pay for the shipping of the item, this is all based on the policy of the company, but it is also based on certain particulars which you should always know beforehand and not just purchase without knowledge.


4. Seller Refuses To Refund

A seller is required by eBay to refund any legitimate claim as stated earlier in regards to sending back a package to them. If they refuse to comply the eBay will step in to sort the matter. Any decision by a sales person to refrain from honoring the refund could affect their relationship with eBay as instances in the contract should be adhered to. A poor customer service will reflect negatively and the corporation will try by all means possible to avoid such an issue.


5. If Return Date Missed?

Missing a seller’s return date is at your own risk. A seller may still help if they so desire but they aren’t required to help you if you bypass the date for the returning of the item. Missing the date means that it is your fault and changes the whole dynamics regarding what a seller must to about accepting an item for refund or exchange.  See here for more about this missed date.


6. Can More Than One Item Be Returned Together?

It is possible to send back more than one product but it must be from the same seller and in one transaction. If not you must do each separately. The way the returning works is based on how you purchased items, this keeps any confusion from coming into play as all purchase history is used to help keep track of what goes out and comes back in. If all item are bought together it is easy to send together as they are listed that way. To avoid any hiccups the above mentioned is only accepted to be sure there is no messy situations.


7. What Can I do If I Disagree With eBay’s Decisions?

In reality there is nothing that can be done due to the policies of eBay. You are required adhere to the earlier warning of checking what the seller has regarding returns or refunds. If the seller is in the right, then Bay is obligated to go against the buyer in this matter. When it comes to online shopping one should always seek to read the fine-print, most businesses cover their bases take very little responsibility when it comes to legal matters regarding refunds and returns. See here for more.


8. Item Not Received

If you don’t receive your package with in the appointed time then here are a few guidelines to follow:
Check buying history to see when the item was purchased. Make an estimate regarding shipping method and times.
If there is tracking available search for product to see if any information is available.
If too much time has passed you can contact the seller and let eBay know about the issue.
eBay promises to step in if the person you bought the product from isn’t cooperating.


eBay Return Policy Days

Most products have a 14 days in which to initiate a send back, 6 days to repay the buyer, eBay can help solve the issue up to 10 business days to seek to resolve the matter.


Holiday Shopping

Most products have a 14 days in which to initiate a send back, 6 days to repay the buyer, eBay can help solve the issue up to 10 business days to seek to resolve the matter.


To Sellers

Anyone who is a seller on eBay has to honor at least 14 days due to the return policy of the company. They are expected to pay for postage if they are to blame for the device not working or having any kind of issues. They have 8 days to respond to any request for refund or replacement.



Buyers can get a full refund by making a request, it must be said that for a buyer to receive the full amount all legalities must be in his favor. That is why it is so important to check what any seller has shared about his attitude with regards to giving back money or accepting what he has sold to be given back to them. In many cases if you have proven that the one you bought your goods from is in the error, they will pay for everything.

Return Dispute

Some cases are very sensitive and it is clear that once a product has been paid for and shipped that many people don’t want to take back anything. eBay understands this and has provided a way to be fair to the one buying and selling. They have made themselves as reputable to integrity that they can be. If you want to dispute anything then go to returns dashboard and click on return details. As the one selling a product you click offer a partial refund and then carry on from there. You then enter the amount you are willing to pay, you can add a message to the offer if you so desire, then click send.


Ways To Boost Conversions

eBay has a structure that can help sellers make more from their services. The chart below explains what is what can be and the benefits of making all the changes.

Current Offer Suggested Time Move Results

No returns | 30-days at 15% or 60 days at 25%

14-day (buyer pays for the return shipping) | 30 days at 10% or 60 days at 20%

30-day (buyer pays for the return shipping) | 30 days at 5% or 60 days at 13%

Conversions are based on a summary from 2017 which means numbers can vary.


Return Policy Template

You can click here for all the guidance you may need to help you set up your template.

You are allowed to set up an automated response for your business. You can use the varied options that are given to help build and implement what you need to learn more visit here.

If you want to do even more with your template to have a well set response for any buyers click here.



Shipping is usually paid by seller once the issue is their fault. If buyer is responsible for what has transpired the they will pay for shipping.


Shipping Cost

In many cases a restocking fee of 20% of original cost can be applied for most items that are sent back. eBay is the one who has set this standard and they consider it fair game to both parties. This is done in a sense to be fair to those selling products as it is an inconvenience to be selling items that take up resources only to get them back and resources have been drained.


Ebay Listers

eBay uses listers to help build content for their online site. These individuals usually do e-commerce site listings for products to be sold online. They are responsible for the design and information for product description and more. They help make the site easy to surf as people try to find a particular product.


Getting Help

There is a particular procedure that has been laid out for any buyer to get help from eBay. If you wan to know more about what you need to do then feel free to click on the link and have a better understanding of how resolving issues work. See more here.


eBay App

You can download the eBay app here and have a more convenient way to shop with them. You can sell and buy with the tools that the app provides.
Go here for iPhone
Go here for Google Play


Buyer Abuse

In order to protect its partners who use their platform to sell devices and other goods, there is a policy in place for sellers to be protected from buyers who try to misuse the system or defraud those who have their products fro sale. To learn more about what not to do as a buyer go here.


Company Information

eBay Inc. is an American e-commerce corporation has a presence in numerous countries that has sold millions of products online and had its beginnings in the living room of Pierre Omidyar. He and co-founder Jeff Skoll first started the business in 1995 and it has grown significantly since its onset. The company saw a big increase in business so in 1998 they hired Meg Whitman to help with the success of the corporation.

The corporation is located in San Jose, California. They offer facilitates for consumer-to-consumer and also business-to-consumer sales through its website platform. It is reported that there are over 25 million sellers on their platform and about 167 million active users. The platform is both and auction and a listing site that sells new and used products at one price as well. The company continues to be a driving force despite competition from Amazon and Alibaba. Reports indicate as of March, 2020 the corporation is worth $28.97 billion.


Selling Fees

Most sales through the platform cost the sales person 105 of the final value of product sold. The cut off point is $750 maximum that is deducted from any sales made by a seller. The charge is 12% for books, music, DVDs, and movies with the same $750 maximum deduction. For certain businesses and industrial brands the maximum is $300. Musical instruments and gear takes $350 0r 3.5% of sales.


Things To Avoid

If you are a sales person using the platform it is a good idea to know the in and outs and do and don’t s of using the site for selling your items. The policy of the company is very stringent as it is vital that the company protect itself from any legal maters that can occur from business to customer or business to business transactions.
Some things to avoid include these 8 things but not limited to:
General Rules for Sellers.

Always know what you can do as a seller and what you need to do to protect your reputation and that of eBay. You will find that you can easily lose the potential to make money via their platform by not adhering to the standards laid out. The information below is provided for all entrepreneurs who may be interested in learning about eBay’s expectations if they wanted to use their internet presence to sell their products.


Don’t Violate Your Contract.

For safety purposes they must be a contract involved, selling products online can become a very legal matter especially if all bases aren’t covered and customers become annoyed with a product or service. It is therefore wise to follow all that is laid out in the contract. Anyone who understands how contracts work, know that a violation of a contract places you in the wrong and no employer or equivalent is required to honor you in any way.


Don’t Sell Anything That Is Restricted Outside of eBay.

This is a similar warning in regards to the contract, what you signed to begin with should have all the dos and don’t s in writing. If you decide to do opposite to all that is required of you, you can expect to face some sort of consequences. You can visit the website to see a list of items the company will not accept for sale on its website.

These are some of the items you can’t sell on their website:

Partially used cosmetics. …
Electronic surveillance equipment. …
Human remains and body parts. …
Firearms, weapons and knives. …
Prescription and illegal drugs. …
Personal information. …
Lock picking equipment and other items that encourage crime. …
Used underwear.
Animals and related items
Adult only items

Don’t Sell to Yourself or Bid on Your Own Auctions.

You should never engage in any fraudulent behavior, you should never bid on any of your products to send your price higher by initiating a bidding war. This will cause an automatic ban from the platform.


Don’t Commit a Crime of Any Kind.

As a billion dollar company eBay will seek to protect itself as best it can, It is clear that any sort of criminal activity will not be allowed in any form or fashion. You are advised to desist from any such practice for your own benefit.


Don’t Try to Minimize Your eBay Fees.

You are expected to pay for any services rendered, which means you should always pay your dues and avoid trying to cheat the corporation. This will also lead to an immediate dismissal from using any of the services you signed up for.


Don’t Use eBay Purely to Drum up Non-eBay Online Business.

You are expected to use the platform for the very purpose it was created and to which you signed up for. It is in our best interest, that of the company and other users to help the company grow by practicing good business skills and dealings.

Maintain Good Customer Service.

Good customer service is important for any business to grow and be successful, it is no different with eBay and anyone who use their service benefit tremendously. If you develop a good relationship with buyers, that is something you want to maintain as that will boost sales. Once you are offering a good product and it is in demand all that is required is good service that will get good reviews that will bring more success.

eBay can be contacted at the following numbers below:

Customer service: +1 866-540-3229
Technical support: +1 866-961-9253

Top 100 Sellers

Below is a list of the top 100 sellers on eBay as mentioned earlier there are over 25 million of them so you know these would have to be the cream of the crop. See below for the list and stats as of 2018.

Username Feedback (thousands)
Total 12 mo 6 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 worldofbooks08 7912 1692 868 137 98.8
2 musicmagpie 11932 1563 739 118 99.2
3 medimops 6832 1448 742 131 99.1
4 thrift.books 1915 880 427 78 99
5 decluttr_store 2252 624 282 47 98.8
6 second.sale 1009 503 288 51 98.7
7 atp-autoteile 5373 489 234 36 98.9
8 rebuy-shop 2185 463 190 35 98.4
9 get_importcds 3405 332 150 25 99.4
10 discover-books 981 320 142 22 98
11 blowitoutahere 2135 314 149 25 99.2
12 bandel-autoteile 1869 308 150 21 99
13 ppretail 1936 298 136 19 99.5
14 betterworldbooks 2038 298 157 20 98.8
15 gregmorriscards 227 285 135 22 100
16 comc_consignment 925 267 131 30 99.9
17 matthijs_philatelie 288 260 128 23 99.7
18 worldofbooksusa 545 253 117 18 96.7
19 jewelryfindingshop 2218 243 112 16 96.6
20 kayfast1 904 239 103 15 100
21 am-autoparts 3122 236 92 13 99.1
22 mbarrcoins 192 232 116 17 99.9
23 wordery 1811 226 117 20 99.7
24 baham_books 1261 219 100 15 99.2
25 burbanksportscards 296 216 96 17 100
26 no.1outlet 1049 200 83 14 99.8
27 bhfo 3306 193 94 12 99.2
28 carpartswholesale 2238 193 104 18 98.2
29 pharmapacks 903 193 86 14 98.9
30 vhbw-online 1130 193 99 13 98.6
31 probstein123 1233 190 94 17 99.9
32 buy_gadgets 936 187 89 11 99.4
33 brands4cars 1006 184 87 13 99.2
34 premier_seeds_direct 602 184 62 17 99.9
35 webuybooks 1233 183 90 14 99.2
36 *memoryking* 1576 181 84 16 99.7
37 ozplaza.living 1369 177 95 16 98.3
38 ubup 889 174 88 14 98.7
39 argos 2618 173 94 16 98.1
40 squaretradeus 494 172 78 15 91.1
41 superdrystore 1522 161 74 10 99
42 vm-express 2116 161 59 9 98.8
43 csl-computer 3570 159 85 14 99.6
44 thecotswoldlibrary 324 156 96 15 98.9
45 joulesclothingoutlet 573 153 89 14 99.6
46 bolt-world 438 151 63 8 99.8
47 partscontainer 956 150 60 8 98.2
48 2013bestbuybest 496 149 66 8 97.7
49 bluechargedirect 1360 149 70 12 99.5
50 massiveattack007 1100 147 67 10 98.7
51 currys_pcworld 625 146 85 17 97.4
52 xtreme-generations 259 146 64 9 97.8
53 saturn 908 146 78 9 98.3
54 perfume-empire 739 145 77 12 98.9
55 ecop! 1697 141 51 7 99.1
56 ebayshippingsupplies 505 140 70 16 99.8
57 zoomonline 727 139 72 13 99.4
58 mediamarkt 1163 137 78 8 98.1
59 deluxe-marken 4504 137 63 9 99.5
60 hausundgarten 915 133 60 8 98.8
61 momox 361 133 63 10 98
62 theperfectpart 238 133 82 15 99.3
63 kenable_ltd 1780 132 58 10 99.7
64 adidas_official 218 132 82 18 96.7
65 cmedia_group 341 131 56 8 99.4
66 boltbase 563 129 57 8 99.9
67 awzzz7080 107 128 75 11 99.5
68 bargainhuntersfriend 898 126 61 9 100
69 theentertainmentstore 681 123 56 9 99.6
70 tinten-discount 1218 122 63 11 99
71 your_online_bookstore 454 120 58 10 98.2
72 ws-autoteile 807 120 53 8 99.6
73 2bros788 418 119 55 8 99.9
74 zorotools 902 117 52 8 99.2
75 finestbazaar15 306 117 56 9 97.5
76 detroitaxle 487 116 58 9 98.8
77 rarewaves-outlet 679 116 60 7 98.9
78 mycomicshop 388 115 47 8 100
79 premium247 333 113 58 13 99.2
80 gudongtoy 457 113 34 4 98.3
81 nice_craft 321 111 52 5 96.5
82 spares-2-go 1274 110 49 7 99.2
83 led-essential 347 109 54 9 99.8
84 tectake_deutschland 1132 108 48 6 99.4
85 carpartsinmotion 248 107 50 8 99.1
86 antverpiastamps 103 105 50 9 99.8
87 pearl.gmbh 780 104 47 8 98.4
88 ozaroo 542 104 47 7 99.1
89 domu-uk 518 104 44 6 99.3
90 buddentown 1404 104 52 8 99
91 a-place-in-space 1501 104 50 6 100
92 caltric 615 103 45 6 99.1
93 925silverpalace2012 316 103 47 8 99.5
94 motointegrator 313 100 49 7 99.3
95 vipoutlet 318 100 51 9 95.9
96 momox_uk 172 99 46 7 98.4
97 ecd-germany 556 98 56 8 98.7
98 total-fishing-tackle 568 98 46 7 99.6
99 nystamps 781 98 47 8 99.7
100 uniquepoint2014 343 98 43 8 98.1


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