Kroger Return Policy

Kroger return policy will not be the same for all locations. guarantees that their products are top quality but if you receive something that you don’t like it will be refunded or replaced or exchanged by them. You can either contact by phone or go to our nearest Kroger store to have the item refunded or replaced. You will need to return the item with the packaging and a receipt. Most items can be returned within 30 days up to 90 days depending on type of item. Included in items that are returnable will be opened products, but it varies by store. has various social media outlets that you can connect and learn more about their products and services. They have Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest for those who are more keen to use social media.


Kroger Advantages

Kroger has a long list of customer service options that will be of benefit to the customer. You can shop online, have items delivered, received cash back in various ways and return most items with little hassle. You have options of cards that can be acquired via the company that provides great returns. Kroger has many outlets that makes it easy o return items to their stores.


Kroger Return Policy Without Receipt

You can return an item or product to Kroger without a receipt. Every store will not acknowledge your request so ou have o locate which stores will take back any item that you want to return or have exchanged. In most cases a non receipt return will be honored for items that cost between $5 to $10, but only by some stores. Try locating a store in your area with the store locator below or call customer service for more information.

You can call Kroger at this customer service number: 800-632-6900.
You can go here for their store locator.


Kroger Services

Kroger and has multiple services that you can use to give you a better shopping experience. You will see a list of services below that you can check out for more information.

Deli/Bakery Ordering
Digital Coupons
Gift Card Mall
Join Our Customer Panel
Receipt Survey Invitation
Shopping List
Weekly Ad
Money Services



Kroger will exchange or refund any return that falls under its return policy stated above. In most cases any refund will be repaid as is seen and can be in the form of a gift card.


Kroger Gift Cards

Unless otherwise stated by law, especially by state, Kroger doesn’t exchange or accept returns for gift cards. You cannot exchange a gift card for cash in any circumstance.


Ship Return Policy

Items bought through Kroger Company through their website or app can be returned, exchanged or refunded based on their policy which can be found in their terms and conditions here.
You should always check for any updates about this feature as will update their policies from time to time.


Kroger Bottle Return

You can return bottles to a Kroger store that accepts bottles, but only bottles that are sold by Kroger will be accepted and refunded with 10 cents per bottle. If you know a bottle wasn’t sold by Kroger leave it as you will be wasting your time and the bottle service agent.


Time Limit

Their is a set time limit for any returns on items bought at a store or online. Electronics and computers and such like items have a 30 day return period. While other general merchandise will have up to 90 days.


Kroger Pharmacy

Kroger’s pharmacy has a return policy that assures any customer they will take back any item even if you did it just because you didn’t like a brand. You will receive a gift card, refund, exchange or adjustment as a way of settling the issue. You are advised to create an account for easier transition.
To learn more about Kroger and its pharmacy outlines go here.


Return Policy On Alcohol

Kroger accepts alcohol that is returned with a receipt, however some states don’t allow alcohol to be returned. Kroger is obliged under state law to obey such policies as rendered.


Return Policy On Various Goods

Since Kroger and promises the guarantee of refunding or exchanging almost any return, all goods fall under this general policy unless otherwise stated. Take a look at the Kroger return policy in regards to any questions about returns.


Kroger Delivers

Kroger delivers to your location and grantees you receive your order in an hour. Simply go online or use the Kroger app and choose your location and delivery time. The next step is to do your shopping and your order will be filled by a worker. If any issues arise you will be notified. Kroger will have your order delivered by their delivery team that they have sourced as partners. You can also shop online and do your own pick up if you prefer. See more here.


Mobile Mystery Deals

Kroger has what is called a mobile mystery deal where various items can be purchased via the app at a special price. It means that if you want to benefit from these deals, that you have to download the app and use it.


Kroger App

You can download the Kroger mobile app and use any feature you choose. Below you will find the links to download their app for Android or iOS.
Go here for the app on iPhone
Go here for the app on Android


Kroger Cards

Kroger has a card for all its customers to get the best they have to offer. They offer a Kroger REWARDS World MasterCard that allows you to earn money when filling your vehicle’s tank, earn groceries free of cost and there are no yearly fees at all. There is even an online banking option. Kroger has a number of card options that you can choose from, see the below.
See more here about their cards.
Kroger MasterCard
Kroger REWARDS Debit Card
Kroger REWARD Prepaid Visa Card
Learn more about Kroger Money services by visiting here.



Most popular stores offer coupons to all its customers and Kroger is no different. They offer what are called digital coupons that you can download from online, using either the app or via the website. You can use your Alt ID or Plus Card to receive discounts when you purchase. Visit here for more about digital coupons.


Cash Back Program

Cash Back is very simple and works fro all shoppers as you earn while you spend. The principle is based on how much you spend with Kroger. The more you spend the more points you accumulate that will be added to your card that can be used on certain purchases. If you want to learn more about the cashback program, you can go to here to Cash Back.


Kroger Company

Bernard Kroger founded the Kroger brand in 1883 in Cincinnati Ohio, U.S.A. The brand is considered the biggest supermarket based on revenue. It is also considered the second biggest general retailer. The company is run by Rodney McMullen who first took the position in 2014. The company has over 34 subsidiaries that include Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer and Food 4 Lees just to name a few.

As of the end of 2019, Kroger was worth an estimated $38.11 billion and continues to do well in the U.S. market. Kroger has over 3,014 locations which includes supermarkets and other stores. It has about 453,000 employees and its stores are located in the Southern and the Mid-West of America.


Kroger’s Food Plan

Kroger has a plan to end hunger among the less fortunate of society, as they have set themselves a target date which is 2025. They have outlined a list of initiatives that they want to implement, you can learn more about their plans here.


Kroger Co. Company Brands

Kroger is a large company and has many others companies that fall under their control, below are a list of those companies.

Smith’s Food and Drug
Pay-Less Super Markets
Owens Market
Jay C Food Store
King Soopers
Harris Teeter
Fred Meyer
Foods Co
Food 4 Less
City Market


Kroger In Store Brands

Kroger have a number of brands that are their own and not sold by any other competitor, below are a list of some of those brand items:

Simple Truth
Home Chef
Bloom Haus
Murray’s Cheese
Bakery Fresh Goodness
Private Selection
Pet Pride
HD Designs
Everyday Living


Kroger Contact Information

Urgent calls can be made to 1 800 KRO-GERS or 1-800-576-4377

You can reach the Help Center for more information and assistance.


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