Nordstrom Return Policy

Nordstrom return policy allows items to be returned to 2 of their 3 brands. You can return to Nordstrom store directly or by mail, but nothing should be sent to Nordstrom Rack, at any of its locations. Refunds are either by original payment or by a gift card. If you have purchased via a store or on then you can return any merchandise you purchased under these conditions:

To return an order you need to create an account if you don’t already have one, click here to create an account.
If you already do, click here to login

Returning items by mail requires a return postage paid label for the U.S. It can take at least 10-14 business days for an item to processed, so bear this in mind.

Returning a product in person can be much easier and quicker. Just visit any Nordstrom store near you and speak to a representative. You can also call and arrange any business that is deemed possible. This is based on Nordstrom return policy 2020.
To call for assistance see number here: 1.888.282.6060

Visit here to search their store locator. has a principal it likes to follow and live by. The company works with its customers in the same way they exact the customer to work with them. Therefore when it comes to returns they will do their utmost to make the customer happy in a reasonable manner.

International orders for return have a totally different policy to follow. You have to go through what is known as Borderfree, who may take liability but your refund won’t be covered for duties or tariffs or such like. Check here to find out more about international returns.


Nordstrom Return Policy Canada

The return policy for Canada is the same as the U.S. All that is required is your receipt or proof of purchase and the process should be quick and smooth.


Nordstrom Return Policy No Receipt

Nordstrom prefers any customer to have a receipt but is willing to work with anyone who fails to provide one when returning an item for a refund or exchange. Based on the condition of the merchandise and if a refund is applicable, identification will be required and amount to be refunded will be based on cost of item at present via a Nordstrom Gift Card.



Nordstrom allows you to return any makeup and other forms of cosmetic that have been used or unused. If you think the product isn’t as you wish or anything of the sort just return it with your receipt for an exchange or refund.


Worn Or Used Merchandise

Worn or used items can be returned to Nordstrom, whether they were bought online at or purchased in store. Bring your receipt to make the process a fast and easy. You may be given the option of adding the refund to a Nordstrom gift card.


Nordstrom Rack Return Policy

Nordstrom Rack has a different policy to the store. In most cases you have to return an item within 45 days if the item or items haven’t been worn yet or opened. The items must be accompanied with original receipt and tags.


Nordstrom Sales

Nordstrom Sales will give you up to 90 days to return an item or items that are unopened or haven’t been used. They must be in new condition to receive refund or exchange. This policy is subject to some merchandise but not all. As mentioned earlier for the store it is 10-14 business days for processing.


Return Policy On Jewelry

To return jewelry to Nordstrom you must have the original payment method along with receipt. You must also find a Nordstrom store that sells fine jewelry and you should be able to get a refund or exchange.


Time Limit

Their is a set time limit for any returns on items bought at a store or online. Electronics and computers and such like items have a 30 day return period. While other general merchandise will have up to 90 days.


Sale Items

You can return sales items to Nordstrom, the return policy has been catered to the needs of the customer. If you have the receipt and original purchase method present you can have the natter resolved quickly.


Returning UGGs

Kroger accepts alcohol that is returned with a receipt, however some states don’t allow alcohol to be returned. Kroger is obliged under state law to obey such policies as rendered.


Return Policy On Various Goods

The return of UGGs is subject to what caused the issue if it was the fault of the customer or if the shoes were defective. In any case the receipt and item must be returned within a tear. The shoes won’t be repaired so it’s either an exchange or refund for the product. The process of evaluating the issue could take 1 to 3 weeks to be completed.



Nordstrom and offers various options to ship or collect a purchase made online. Items are shipped for free and returned for free. You can buy online and pick up in store. Here are a number of options to choose from:
Check Your Order
Buy Online & Pick Up
Curbside Pick Up
Expedited Shipping
Same Day Delivery NYC Only
Ship To Store
International Shipping


Nordstrom Gift Cards

Nordstrom offers two types of gift cards, the regular card and an eGift card. Nordstrom,com donates 1% of the sales of their gift cards to charity. You can choose from 3 options which are located below:
By clicking here you can purchase.
Click here if you want to check balances.
Click here to know more about their corporate gift program.

Call: call 1.877.283.4045 for any inquiries about your gift card.
Via Email:
Give Feedback


Payment Options

Nordstrom will honor original payment methods such as PayPal, cash, debit or credit card. Nordstrom doesn’t accept checks for the purchase of any items. You can however settle an account by paying via check.


Gift Order Service

You can purchase a gift for a loved one or any other person you wish by using their gift order. You can use the Gift Message for free, by having the message printed on the packing slip.

There is the DIY Gift Kit for $2 that allows you to have a box that can be assembled with other accessories.

The other option is a Wrapped Signature Box from Nordstrom for $5 that allows to send a gift already wrapped with a message attached and no price tags.


Nordstrom App

Shopping just got a whole lot easier with the Nordstrom app for online shopping for your convenience. For better service there are two apps to choose from, so that you can shop from anywhere you feel like.

Click here for the iOS version
Click here for the Android version



There are times when Nordstrom may have to do a recall on a product for whatever reason. Some item could be defective, so they become a hazard to users. To keep its customers and other user safe Nordstrom will recall any product it deems unfit for public or private use, see more here.



Nordtrom has a hiring policy that can become effective at any given time based on the success of the company. The periodically offer career opportunities based on new store opening or such like. You can click below to see if there is anything available at this time.
Career Opportunity
New Store Openings


Nordstrom Branding

Here are a list of brands that are unique to Nordstrom:
Something Navy
The Rail
John W. Nordstrom
Rachel Parcell
Tucker + Tate
Treasure & Bond
Ruby Bloom


Nordstrom History

In 1901, John W Nordstrom and Carl .F Wallin founded Nordstrom. It later became Nordstrom Inc. and has its humble beginnings as a shoe store. As business grew it later became what we see today, a department store that sells a large variety of clothing and more. Nordstrom is a full fledge retailer that sells clothing, cosmetics, ,shoes, perfumes, jewelry, handbags and other accessories. The company’s headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington.

Nordstrom has a host of subsidiaries under its control that include Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, Trunk Club, MessageYes, BevyUp, Nordstrom Credit Inc., Nordstrom Credit Card Receivables and a whole lot more.

The company is worth about $7.9 billion and has over 363 stores in about 40 states. They employ over 72,000 persons and the company is currently run by Erik Nordstrom. The company is estimated to make at least $500 million annually in revenue.


Nordstrom Contact Information

There are multiple ways you can contact about any issue you may be having, below are a list of ways to reach out and have your problem rectified.

U.S. 1.888.282.6060

Canada: 1.877.794.5304

International: 1.319.846.4140

Credit Services: 1.800.964.1800

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