Sears Return Policy

Sears return policy has various ways you can return an item that you bought. If you are a Shop Your Way Member you get features that on members won’t receive. members will have a maximum of 45 days from purchase date, while 30 days for all non members. Any delivered or installed services from Sears will cap at the 30 day period. Products that are to be returned must have the original packaging and receipt. If the time has passed their is also a manufacturer’s warranty for certain products. In such a case you should check the manual to see what the warranty says.

Restocking charges will apply to all installation products unless it is the sole fault of Sears. Time to notify Sears of any damages is 3 days. Charges are also included for cancellations, restocking and delivery unless the fault of Sears.Time starts from the date of delivery or installation.

If you are being issued a refund, it will be in the for of original payment method. Gift receipt will be recognized in one of two ways, either as a gift card or an exchange. It is therefore wise to keep all original packaging including manual and any accessories that may apply. This currently Sears return policy 2020, for more information see here.


Sears Return Policy No Receipt

Sears doesn’t recognize any returns without a receipt, if you do they will not honor it. As stated earlier non members have up to 30 days and members have 45 days. However any person who requires a return or refund must provide their proof of purchase.


Sears Return Policy Shoes

If you purchase shoes the requirement is just about the same. However the shoes must be still new and not worn for the return policy to be acknowledged. Like other items you will be refunded with the same payment method you use.


Sears Return Policy Clothes

Sears return policy for members is 45 days and non members is 30 days for any purchase that didn’t require installation. This means that clothes would fall under this category but policy requires original receipt with return.


Sears Return Policy Mattresses

Sears has a return policy for Best stuff and other products separately. Returns will begin from date of delivery and must be used for at least 30 days for Sears to consider refund or exchange. You will only be allowed one return for this product. Some states allow Sears to charge a pick up fee and a cancellation fee of 15% of cost of mattress or foundation.

Adjustable foundations are non refundable or returnable. Headboards must be returned within 30 days and all returns must be in great condition.
Best Stuff allows 180 – 365 days for mattresses with 30 day adjustment time frame.


Sears Return Policy Appliances

You are allowed up to 30 days to return most appliances, electronics and computers and similar products. You have up to 60 days to return home and garden equipment along with many items that are used on floors. There is also a 90 day return policy for some items. Always remember that receipt and original packaging is required.


Sears Return Policy Refrigerator

Sears allows up to 30 days to return a refrigerator and other small appliances. Larger appliances would have to be collected by Sears so you would have to call it in. You will either be refunded or granted an exchange, once you have a receipt available and product failure is not our fault.


Sears Return Policy Treadmill

Treadmills and all similar products will require is the same as that of the refrigerator. Any large product like a treadmill will be collected by calling a Sears near you. You should have your original receipt ready, you have a 30 day return limit.


Sears Return Policy For Online Orders

Sears allows you to ship back items that were mailed to you and you can do so online. You are allowed to use your own printed label to return a product to Sears. However you will have to handle shipping charges and those will be taken from the refund amount. You will be able to see what is left of the refund amount once you complete your online return.

You can fill out the return online and then return to the closest Sears store. This option means that when you take the item to the store the process will be much faster.

You can start your online return or exchange here.


Sears Return Policy Lands End

All products bought from Sears Lands End store will be honored by Lands End themselves, but the policy remains the same as you must have original receipt. If you want a refund it will be via Lands End merchandise credit to be used in a Lands End store at Sears.


Sears TV Return Policy

You can return your television to Sears within 30 days for non members and 45 days form members. You are requires to bring proof of purchase and original packaging and accessories.


California Privacy Policy

There is a special section for all citizens of California for more information visit here

For more on California’s transparency act visit here

Due to changes of laws in some states it is required by law to provide relevant policies to follow Federal guidelines.


Sears Price Policy Match

Sears has a policy that if you can find an identical item they sell at a cheaper price, they will sell at the same price as the competitor. However it must be the same day and model number, everything must be the same for it to be acknowledged. See more about this policy here.


Sears Delivery

Sears does deliveries but it charges for installation which is a different service altogether. You can shop online to have your item delivered. You should check the option for when you purchase, if you don’t you will be notified via call or email about delivery date. See here for more on deliveries.

Delivery and Haul Away
Appliance Delivery


Sears Coupon Center

Sears offers its members coupons that will give them discounts on various items. This option is available on their apps as well making it easier to shop. Once you ave added all your items to the cart you will be able to input any coupons that may apply.


Sears App

You can download the Sears mobile app and take advantage of its features. You can shop smarter, save easier and enjoy more according to their website that talks about the app.

For iPhone go here
For Google Play go here


Sears Product Guarantees

Sear has a warranty and satisfaction guarantee policy. You are offered low monthly payments that have flexible options. You are guaranteed credit immediately and these is full financing available to you.

Also available is Sears Home Services that will provide you with written product and labor limited warranty. You will be provided with public liability and worker’s compensation protection. Property damage insurance is also on the cards.
For more information visit here


Custom and Special Orders

There is a cancellation and returns policy in place for Sears Home Service which provides custom building items like doors and windows and more. To restock any special order that hasn’t been installed is 30% of the original cost. Only refunds that will be acknowledge with out restocking include items that were wrong dimensions, defective damaged or cancellation followed Notice to Buyer guidelines from Sears.


Sears Limited Installation Warranty

If you can prove that any issues with the installation is clearly on the part of Sears and its partners your refund will be acknowledged. You can contact Sears Home Services at 1-800-495-2705


Sears Branding

Sears or Sears, Roebuck and Company is a part of parent company Sears Holdings and Transformco. It was founded by Julius Rosenwald, Alvah Curtis Roebuck and Richard Warren Sears. The company was founded in 1893 and went through a transition when Richard Sears and Julius Rosenwald took over in 1906. At present about 540 stores are still opened but Sears has a strong online presence. Eddie Lampert bought the brand for 411 billion in 2004 and changed the name to Sears Holdings. He also owns Kmart which has started a great decline as well. Many of the Sears stores are still opened, some considered hometown stores. The headquarters is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois , U.S.A.

Sears can be reached by phone at these numbers:
Customer service: +1 800-697-3277
Technical support: +1 800-469-4663
Sales: +1 800-252-1698
Delivery tracking: +1 800-732-7747


What Caused Sears To Close So Many Stores?

The decline of Sears according to CEO Eddie Lampert is due to consumers changing their spending habits, how the media treated Sears and the age of online shopping. Those are considered the main reason the company had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2018 and won the case. At the time the retail giant had 700 stores and started to reduced those soon after. It was estimated to have $6.9 billion in assets which was exceeded by its $11.3 billion in liabilities. As it stands Sears continues to struggle and many expect that eventually the retail giant will go out of business, but that remains to be seen.


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