Target Return Policy

Target return policy works in multiple ways do that the customer gets proper service for Target store return window and is satisfied with the handing of exchange, returns or refunds of item sold. They will honor most unopened items that are returned within 90 days, so you should be earnest to bring your item. There is what Target considers a policy that has modifications so this would exclude some items from refunds and exchanges. Target have placed this policy on the receipt you receive with your purchase so be sure to check the proof of purchase given when buying any product as a store exchange, refund or return becomes more difficult. You can have a product exchanged for a similar or a different item. Returning any order or orders can be a hassle, once done right your item will be exchanged by Target. has a lot of relevant information regarding returns via their policies that you need to know..Target has a one year policy for returns on certain merchandise, you can easily return items to a Target store.. Be sure to check your order details.

When it comes to Target’s return policy refund or exchanges, there is an exception clause on the receipt. Most ineligible refunds will be due to damaged, opened or items without a receipt, you must have the physical item. This information is also found on the packing slip and is part of Target policy board. You can visit website and search their menu for answers to your problems and take advantage of the return window. If you can return an item with original packing please do so. You can always email Target for more information, you can check the bottom of this page tor contact address. Be sure that when returning any purchases to bring receipts even if cash, MasterCard, debit or credit card is used.


Target Plus Partner’s Return Policy

Target inc doesn’t recognize any returns without a receipt, if you do they will not honor it. As stated earlier non members have up to 30 and members up to 45 days. Any person who requires an exchange, return or refund must provide their proof of purchase also. You can check for more information about Target Plus. It is important to check order details, you are guaranteed support. If you bought an item in store or placed an order online you can still return it.


Target Return No Receipt

If you want to return items sold to you back to Target and you do not have a receipt, your return, refund or exchange will not be honored by no means. All items sold must come with the proof of purchase and any modified conditions means that getting a refund or exchange becomes more stringent. It is also possible for a no receipt item to be honored and the customer be paid a refund, but that is up to the representative of the company, regular conditions forbids any item sold to be refunded or exchanged without a receipt, but some situations may receive exceptions.


Target Redcard

Target offers the Redcard to any of its customers to shop online at  or in store. The card comes with many advantages and says you will save 5% on your purchases by buying with this card. The card offers many benefits like items delivered to you, special deals and 30 more days to return a product or have it exchange than the return policy allows for a non card customer. This is a great debit or credit card to use to get many benefits, these also make great gift cards. Remember cash can only be used in Target stores and not online Target Mastercard is provided by Target. Other cards that can be used are Visa Master Card, American Express and Discover credit,

Click here to learn more about Target Redcard

You can apply here for credit

You can apply here for debit.


Beauty Supplies

Target allows any opened, used or unopened makeup to be returned or exchange an item sold to its store. This also applies to all beauty items sold, whether bought in store or online store. However you must have the receipt and return within 90 days to be paid, if purchased with the Target specialty card you have up to 120 days for the refund. Used items sold to you will be under scrutiny. Returns are always subject to Target stores or policies.



Return, exchange or refund policy on electronics differ from the 90 days condition for most products bought from their stores. The items must be returned within 30 days to be eligible for exchange or replacement of money. Mobile phones are only given a period of 14 days from date of purchase whether in store or online purchase. This includes any entertainment item.

Apple products are allowed 15 days after purchase for the items to be returned for refund or exchange, however mobile phones are excluded from this arrangement so a return must be done quickly.


Target Non Refundable Items

Here are a list of items that can’t be returned under no circumstances. The list includes movies, open music, video games and software that are no return items.  Collectibles that were open or have issues these would include special edition Barbie dolls, sports cards, action figures, porcelain dolls and die-cast cars, open airbeds, personalized items and digital downloads are no returns also.  Any items purchased internationally can’t be returned to the company. Some items just cannot be returned.

Due to the law of some states, it will not be possible to acknowledge returns or an exchange for Target Mobile GiftCards and Target eGiftCards. Other items that won’t be honored include Specialty pre-paid and gift cards like Restaurant, entertainment and lottery cards and such like, so there is no returning these and a similar item. Even if you think you search for more information about this you will find this is true.


Can I Return A Product To Any Target Store?

Despite the possibility of seeing your of purchase reading that items must be returned to original store location you can take it to another sore. However you must have proof of purchase and it must be taken back before the allotted time for the refund or exchange to be replaced. What you buy from Target can be returned with the receipt.


Target Return No Box Or Tags

Any item can be returned without box or without tags, once you have the receipt and item is taken to store within allotted date you should be fine if you use the window of opportunity. Its best to remember all Target card holders have an extra 30 days for most items. Online Orders

You are allowed to return your item if purchased online, once all requirements are met. There are a few options available for returning any item bought online or in store and the process is the same. Receipt is necessary, barcode using the target app, original payment method and delivery and shipping information for Have your credit card, American express and Discover credit or  Visa MasterCard. there is no option for cash once you are purchasing online.

Target,com has what is known as Target Private Reserve, you can click the link for more about this.

If you are filing your return online you can do so here.
If you don’t have an account then you can sign up for one.
You can get more help with questions regarding online deliveries and returns here.



Diapers can be returned for a refund or exchange without a receipt, but must be unopened. Any opened diapers can be brought back to store but must have original proof of purchase. All diapers must be returned within 90 days for refund to be recognized. Up&Up brand diaper purchases and those using the Redcard will be given the best treatment. This a great way to save if you no longer need to use diapers and have an excess.


Holiday Shopping

During Christmas and any other recognized holiday the policy for all returns remain the same with more days given to Redcard Target debit card users. The time period is 90 and 120 days respectively from date of purchase. All items must have receipt and preferably unopened if an exchange or refund will be granted. Target giftcards are a great holiday gift.


Price Policy Match

Target will allow any item that is identical in every aspect to be sold at the price of that item. It must be on the same day and can include the said item on Once you can prove that one or more item is cheaper, Target will accept that price . You can also ask for adjustment to price within 14 days of purchase, something offered by other competitors. For more about this offer see here.


Target Delivery

Target has its owned delivery service called Schipt that guarantees your item will be delivered the same day it was purchased. With Schipt you get deals that can’t be found in-store. Since delivery has been provided daily and you can receive your orders 7 days a week. You can always say when you want the item sold delivered. Target delivery is very dependable and will come to your home with the item.

Coupon Center

Target,com has a section for anyone who wants coupons to save big with their company. You can make a great gift out of Target,com coupons. There are some limitations on coupons including how many one household can use to purchase items. For price match, coupons are not allowed for an additional discount. Click here for more about coupons.


Target App

Like most popular retail stores, you can now download their app for more convenience for shoppers online. You can check to see costs and compare, order and have delivered. You can take advantage of any online specials that may be available. Use your Target card to shop at via the app and get even more savings on all merchandise.

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Wine Cube™


Target’s History

Target inc is owned by Target Corporation and is currently the 8th largest retailer in the United States of America and is a member of the S&P 500 Index which is a huge component in the stock market. The company was founded long ago in 1902 by George Draper Dayton who founded the corporation and John Geisse who founded the store and its headquarters is located in Minneapolis, MN. The company has about 48 subsid1aries that include Shipt, Target Brands, Inc, Dermstore, Target Creative and more. There are stores outside the U.S that can be found in Australia, but they are not considered the same as the ones in the U.S. Any international customer can shop online and have their purchases shipped to their country. The company tried to start up in Canada but that was disastrous and was abandoned.

Target as has over 1,868 stores nation wide and the website which is still a very popular online and retail store for most Americans. The company is estimated to be worth about $62.6 billion. Target is known for donating 5% of its profits to communities and may be contacted for assistance. Some Target stores hours are 8AM to 11PM and others are 24 hours.

You can contact Target
Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869.
Customer service: +1 800-440-0680
Credit card support: +1 800-424-6888
You can also reach them here via email.

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